Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

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Regarding the respect of Article 24, par. 3 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Ms Angelilli has stressed in many occasions the relevance of shared parenting, not only in the framework of international child abduction.

For example, she presented a parliamentary question for written answer to the Commission asking an assessment of joint custody at European level.

And there are many written questions that Ms Angelilli has presented on the issue of child abduction involving several Member States.

Indeed, in the event of separation or divorce, what Article 24 states should mean a balanced and continuing relationship of  the child with both parents.

From the information available on the website of the European Judicial Network, many Member States have made provision for joint custody, which, if rigorously applied, can be extremely beneficial for the children. 

However, quite apart from international child abduction, there are very many cases of children born to parents of the same nationality, who, following a separation, no longer have regular contact with one parent.

This is a hidden issue that results in thousands of children losing contact not only with one of the two parents, but also with their relatives on that side of the family.  In terms of safeguarding the child’s best interests, both parents have the same right/duty to raise, educate and support their offspring, with equal status and rights.  [... ] 

I would like to underline that in order to fill existing gaps in EU law application, the European Commission has launched a review of the regulation 2201/2003 and will adopt a report on how it has been applied in practice.

I hope this will be useful for you. 

This office remains at your disposal.

Best regards, 

Luisa Pecoraro, On behalf of Ms Angelilli           Ref. [ngo1355]