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Ms. Françoise Hetto-Gaasch, Rapporteur of the Council of Europe, speaking of the Resolution 2079/2015 at a conference held 
by Colibri member association (SOS Parents, Luxemburg)

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The Council of Europe is the largest Human Rights organization in Europe and consist of 47 countries, including all EU countries. CoE is different than European Union. The Council issued a number of European Conventions which are guiding the Members States towards democracy and respect of Human Rights. The most known one is the Convention on Human Rights and its following protocols. Unfortunately many of its conventions, although they are signed, are not ratified by the Member States. Last but not least the European Human Rights Court, is an institution part of the CoE which is well known for his actions to impose rule of law in Europe.

The Council of Europe adopted on September-October 2015 a resolution on parental equality. 
Translations of this resolution and of the Report can be found here