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Dr. Vezzetti presentation in front of the participants 

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GON.IS Proposal
We propose the formation of a study comittee for the study of the international declaration of Hague for the Human Rights and the Children’s Rights Declaration of U.N. relevant with the relocation of the child with one of its parents a) within the member state of E.U., b) in other member states of E.U. and c) in countries outside E.U.. It is probable that the two declarations contain contradicting articles (for example article 5 a of Hague declaration and articles 9 and 18 of U.N. declaration). Our goal is to come up with a common 
proposal and promote it to appropriate national and international forums in order to avoid in the future alienation from one parent due to relocation of the other parent with the child. 
the full text of the proposal can be accessed here 

Conference in Strassbourg, 23-10-2013

NGO890 Dr. Vittorio Vezzeti, Conclusions of the study "Facing the Crisis Of The Family In The Name Of The Children: First Comparative Survey On Children Custody In Europe"
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 NGO893   "Joint Custody & Shared Physical Custody in Switzerland" by Martin Widrig Martin Widrig, Law Faculty Friburg.
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NGO888 "Shared custody in Spain today" by Dr.LuisSariego
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NGO887 "Residential Shared Custody in Portugal" [ngo887] by António José Fialho, Family Court Judge
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 NGO882  "Psychological Research on Shared Parenting in Germany" by Prof. Dr. Hildegund Sünderhauf
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