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If there is no father, you miss half of your world
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"This is the Story of Adolf" (alienation explained)  [ngo3588]
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The First Christmas with my dad in 10 years

Shared-parenting prevents trauma 
video by Camelia Borlean, psychologist

Sons of an absent father
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Documentary about parental alienation (78 min) 
Despite above video talks on the fathers perspective
only, this alienation affects also lots of mothers
and grandmothers. en | ro | es | fr | hu      [ngo3452]

Child Abuse Documentary (~8min)       [ngo3453]
en  by Kristin AShcraft, Texas Wesleyan University

Other video materials on Parental alienation
- PA Documentary  (30') en   [ngo3452]
- Your children did not chose to  en
- Words I should have said   en
- TEDx on PA with Dr. Jennifer Harman  en
- Message to British politicians  en
- Desperate Housewives PA example  en
- Australian case of PA en

Having both parents can save life [ngo3589]
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Stop the silence between the children and their fathers
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Be a present father in the life of your child  
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Sustain the hand of your child
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Shared parenting advantages (44 sec.)  
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Booth video run during the 9th European Forum (68 sec) 
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Voice of the Child in divorce video | text [ngo2645]

How Judges in Belgium decide on joint-custody 
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Life of a child with/out his father
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Parental alienation on TedX, Jennifer Harman
en (13:41 mins)